I am using HTML::TreeBuilder->new_from_url($url), but the server blocks me due to incompatible user agent string. How can I change the user agent string with HTML::TreeBuilder to use new_from_url($url) directly, without a workaround of getting web content by the traditional way?

  • Depending on your actual ask, Mojolicious may give you the configurability and DOM parsing that you need. It's interface doesn't have the same annoying walls that LWP has. Dec 22 '20 at 10:02

There is no way to set that in new_from_url(). You'll have to load LWP::UserAgent yourself and set the user agent string. Then you can parse the content with new_from_content().

However, here's a direct link to the new_from_url code. You can use that as the basis of your own new() method so that your program flow will read the same way.

So something like:

sub HTML::TreeBuilder::my_new_from_url {
  # copy and augment new_from_url

my $tree = HTML::TreeBuilder->my_new_from_url($url, { useragent => "foo" });

Now all of that right-way-to-do-it notwithstanding, you can play a dirty trick on LWP::UserAgent by overriding its private _agent method that stores the default user agent string. But be aware that you have voided the warranty and all broken module behavior is on you.

#the original 
sub _agent { "libwww-perl/$VERSION" }

Define in your code:

use LWP::UserAgent ();
sub LWP::UserAgent::_agent { "Mozilla forever" }

Or, more deviously:

use LWP::UserAgent ();

my $tree = do {
  local *LWP::UserAgent::_agent = sub { "Mozilla forever" };


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