This file has 3 fields. I wanted e.g. the first 2 fields in green, and the third in white (NB : black background), so I tried :

awk '{print "\033[0;32m"$1"\033[0m", "\033[0;32m"$2"\033[0m", "\033[0;37m"$3"\033[0m"} }' chrono.txt

and everything was green…

How must I proceed (if it is possible) ?


To get color output from awk, you can use this approach.

function red(s) {
    printf "\033[1;31m" s "\033[0m "

function green(s) {
    printf "\033[1;32m" s "\033[0m "

function blue(s) {
    printf "\033[1;34m" s "\033[0m "

    print red($1), green($2), blue($3)
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    Be careful with these functions. They are using an external string as the format specifier. If the string contains format characters (%, etc.), it will fail. Better use something like function red(string) { printf ("%s%s%s", "\033[1;31m", string, "\033[0m "); } – Juan Calero Sep 4 '12 at 9:47

An alternative to using awk functions is passing the colors in shell variables. E.g.


echo "Col1 Col2 Col3 Col4" | \
awk -v r=$RED -v y=$YELLOW -v g=$GREEN -v b=$BLUE -v n=$NONE \
 '{printf r$1n y$2n g$3n b$4n "\n"}'

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