I cloned a repo with git yesterday and ran out of space on my VMs HDD. I've since moved the repo and have enough space. git clone ran out of space during unpacking the downloaded objects. The thing is, git thinks it's up to date, but git status lists pages of deleted files.

Git pull doesn't work as it thinks it's up to date. What can I do so I don't have to clone the entire repository again?

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git reset --hard HEAD

This should update your working copy.


Edit Sry, I misread and thought the object database might have been corrupt/incomplete.

don't. However, if you insist you might get somewhere with git fsck or if you're really desperate for bandwidth: rsync

rsync -hxPavilyzH --delete user@remote:/repo/origin/.git/ brokenclone/.git/

To find out what speed up / bandwidth optimization to expect:

rsync -hxPavilyzH --delete user@remote:/repo/origin/.git/ brokenclone/.git/ -n --stats

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