How can I pass these two value combination separated by AND/ as parameter value to stored procedure:

"8033301552*" OR "08033301552*"


"Taiwo*" AND "Ayedun*"

I mean do I need to create a string and pass it as parameter?


Officially not supported.

A workaround can be found at


What doesn't work has nothing really to do with RS but has to do with Stored Procedures in SQL Server. You cannot do the following in a stored procedure. Let's say you have a Parameter called @MyParams Now you can map that parameter to a multi-value parameter but if in your stored procedure you try to do this: select * from sometable where somefield in (@MyParams) It won't work. Try it. Create a stored procedure and try to pass a multi-value parameter to the stored procedure. It won't work. What you can do is to have a string parameter that is passed as a multivalue parameter and then change the string into a table. This technique was told to me by SQL Server MVP, Erland Sommarskog For example I have done this inner join charlist_to_table(@STO,Default)f on b.sto = f.str So note this is NOT an issue with RS, it is strictly a stored procedure issue. Here is the function:

CREATE FUNCTION charlist_to_table 
                    (@list      ntext, 
                     @delimiter nchar(1) = N',') 
         RETURNS @tbl TABLE (listpos int IDENTITY(1, 1) NOT NULL, 
                             str     varchar(4000), 
                             nstr    nvarchar(2000)) AS 
      DECLARE @pos      int, 
              @textpos  int, 
              @chunklen smallint, 
              @tmpstr   nvarchar(4000), 
              @leftover nvarchar(4000), 
              @tmpval   nvarchar(4000) 
      SET @textpos = 1 
      SET @leftover = '' 
      WHILE @textpos <= datalength(@list) / 2 
         SET @chunklen = 4000 - datalength(@leftover) / 2 
         SET @tmpstr = @leftover + substring(@list, @textpos, @chunklen) 
         SET @textpos = @textpos + @chunklen 
         SET @pos = charindex(@delimiter, @tmpstr) 
         WHILE @pos > 0 
            SET @tmpval = ltrim(rtrim(left(@tmpstr, @pos - 1))) 
            INSERT @tbl (str, nstr) VALUES(@tmpval, @tmpval) 
            SET @tmpstr = substring(@tmpstr, @pos + 1, len(@tmpstr)) 
            SET @pos = charindex(@delimiter, @tmpstr) 
         SET @leftover = @tmpstr 
      INSERT @tbl(str, nstr) VALUES (ltrim(rtrim(@leftover)), 

-- Bruce Loehle-Conger MVP SQL Server Reporting Services "Roland Müller" wrote in message

  • Could you post the gist of the workaround. The link requires me to logon with a Google Account. – Lieven Keersmaekers Jul 1 '11 at 7:45

You can pass arrays of values into a stored proc using XML data. I've found this to be a workable solution and solves issues of dynamic SQL possibly being affected by SQL injection.

Take a look at this link for a basic example of how to do it. As the author suggests, this may be overkill for some solutions, but I think it is quite neat and could be modified to meet your requirements.

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