I am using C++ Builder 10.2.3 (Rad Studio Tokyo 10.2.3) with Interbase 2017 I need to create users at runtime for my users registration. If I create the Query at runtime, in that case there is no parameter, it works. But this creates problems with MBCS characters I will explain later. If I create the Query at design-time with parameters and try to set the parameters at runtime. I am getting the error message below:

[Application: ]
[Error] -104 335544569 Dynamic SQL Error
SQL error code = -104
Token unknown - line 2, char 14

The query I am using is below:

SET PASSWORD :mypass, 
FIRST NAME :myfirstname, 
LAST NAME :myname;

I replace the first line of the Query at runtime, so there is no character. And after all, Interbase cannot handle MBCS characters in USERNAME. I need to use a Query with parameters because my application handles multi-bytes characters (MBCS), like Chinese and Japanese. And this is the only option to be sure of a proper conversion to UTF8 in Interbase. Because if the conversion of MBCS characters is not done, I cannot backup and restore my database. When I try to restore with MBCS characters in First and last name, I am getting an error message that Interbase cannot transliterate between character sets.

Base on the error message, it appears to me that it does not recognize the Query parameters. I tried with both "TIBQuery" and "TIBSQL". Same issue. Impossible to use also Store procedures. Does not recognize the create word. So, how to fix that ?

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