How do I iterate over enum items in TypeScript? I tried for-in, but this iterates over strings. I need to call a function for each enum value.

for (const foo in FooType) {
    // here I have error that string is not assignable to parameter of type FooType

private doCalculation(value: FooType): void {
   // some logic

enum FooType looks like this:

export enum SupportedFiat {
  • You can do either as @Mark Skelton mentioned or you can simple iterate over the array(Enum type) by doing this.doCalculation(FooType[foo])
    – Makusium
    Feb 13, 2021 at 14:44

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You should be able to accomplish this using for of and Object.values.

for (const value of Object.values(FooType)) {
  // here I have error that string is not assignable to parameter of type FooType

enums are translated to this type of object:

"use strict";
var SupportedFiat;
(function (SupportedFiat) {
    SupportedFiat["VALUE_A"] = "VALUE_A";
    SupportedFiat["VALUE_B"] = "VALUE_B";
    SupportedFiat["VALUE_C"] = "VALUE_C";
})(SupportedFiat || (SupportedFiat = {}));

Playground link

unfortunately, Typescript enums don't really implement an iterator for easy iterating so you need to make your own:

function* supportedFiatValues(): IterableIterator<SupportedFiat> {
    yield SupportedFiat.VALUE_A;
    yield SupportedFiat.VALUE_B;
    yield SupportedFiat.VALUE_C;

for (const supportedFiat of supportedFiatValues()) {
// ...

You could use Object.values() but you'll lose type information there, IMHO the generator approach brings you better type inference.

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