I just downloaded JuliaPro 1.5.3 and am trying to follow this tutorial exactly: YouTube Tutorial. But when I went into Atom and attempted to update the packages like so

(@JuliaPro_v1.5.3-1) pkg> up

I get the following error:

ERROR: expected package `Juno [e5e0dc1b]` to be registered

I don’t understand what this means…How do I get Juno "registered" so that I can resolve this and continue on with the tutorial?

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I was able to solve this issue by deleting the registries folder within my .julia folder. Then from the REPL, I went into Package mode and entered update. It then re-downloaded all of the contents from the registries folder and updated everything. Once the registries folder was re-downloaded, I was able to install XLSX using the commands using Pkg followed by Pkg.add("XLSX")...so I guess the registries folder got corrupted when it was originally installed?

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