I get this error all this week, and I doen't know how this fix, It's error, drop from Python + Cherrypy, (webhook telegram bot, module telebot), and one bot on webhook work correctly, second bot doesn't work correctly and I don't understand this, both bots have same structure and difference it's bot TOKEN, I hope on help. Thanks for Attention:

│ssl.SSLError: [SSL: BAD_KEY_SHARE] bad key share (_ssl.c:1123) enter image description here


I had a similar problem, it helped to allow the package to work with certificates:

  1. pip install pyopenssl

  2. change Cherrypy config

        'server.socket_host': 'zzz',
        'server.socket_port': 'zzz',
        'server.ssl_module': 'pyopenssl', #not use'builtin'
        'server.ssl_certificate': 'zzz',
        'server.ssl_private_key': 'zzz'
  • Super! It's work!!! Thanks you! – antipups Jan 23 at 19:39

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