I am building a Django web application and I dropped the table django_migrations using psql command line and I want to recreate it.

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    manage.py migrate --fake … and --fake-initial might be helpful. docs – Klaus D. Dec 27 '20 at 20:23
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    Thank you, I have used python manage.py migrate --fake and it worked and recreated the table. – ElFadily Mohamed Dec 27 '20 at 20:29

To recreate django_migrations simply use

./manage.py migrate --fake

But please be careful with that as mentioned here:

If you break something, nobody can help you probably, because the migration system will not know the current state of the database more. Therefore do a backup, write notes, use a sandbox and work precisely.

Django migrate --fake and --fake-initial explained

  • Thank you it worked, I updated a model fields when I access it it shows an error that % field doesnt exist, how can this be fixed? – ElFadily Mohamed Dec 27 '20 at 20:37

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