I'm trying to switch from Komodo to Eclipse.

I can't figure out how to keep line-break characters from being shown in eclipse - looks like they are shown along with tabs and other whitespace characters.

Is there a way to show tabs and other whitespace characters but not line-break characters?

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If you have Eclipse 3.7 you can disable them.

Preferences > General > Editors > Text Editors -- Look for 'Show whitespace characters' and click on the link 'whitespace characters'.

  • Ops, i installed the pdt version, that looks outdated.. thanks. – Strae Jul 1 '11 at 13:24

In the Luna version, this configurability is now called "configure visibility" under "Show Withespace characters"

Or you can directly click on the shortcut:enter image description here

In your Eclipse, go to:

Window --> Preferences --> General --> Editors --> Text Editors

Click the highlighted link (configure visibility) in the check-box SHOW WHITESPACE CHARACTERS and select the check box as per your requirement.

Click the highlighted link

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