I'm quite new to Parse Server, I wonder if I could create a config file for the Parse Server like the way I did in the Parse Dashboard. With the Parse Dashboard, I create a file named parse-server-config.json with this format:

  "apps": [
      "serverURL": "",
      "appId": "myFirstApp",
      "masterKey": "myMasterKey",
      "databaseURI": "mongodb://mongo/team" 

And start the dashboard using parse-server --config parse-server-config.json, but I couldn;t do that with the Parse Server, I have to use this command parse-server --appId myFirstApp --masterKey myMasterKey --databaseURI mongodb://localhost:27017/team?readPreference=primary&appname=MongoDB%20Compass&ssl=false --mountGraphQL --mountPlayground to start the Parse server.

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Yes. You need to use the following command:

parse-server path/to/config.json

Your config.json should look like this:

  "appId": "APPLICATION_ID",
  "masterKey": "MASTER_KEY",
  "databaseURI": "mongodb://localhost/test"

You can see all configuration options in the following link:


  • Thanks, it's so hard to find an answer for the Parse service, thank you so much, it works for me.
    – gigabyte
    Jan 5, 2021 at 4:16

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