I am trying to get old version of external Typescript/javascript widget library in Jhipster version 6.10+ & 7.0 beta.[This issue will also hit non Jhipster apps in Latest Angular and React Apps] Example Libraries include DHTMLX, bryntum Gantt etc. Unfortunately both libraries only support Angular 2 (old version of typescript standard). Trying to integrate these widget results into lot of typescript errors in these library and hence i have hit a roadblock. Few workaround/hacks that I am thinking

  1. Make Use of standard HTML/javascript way and embed the html as iframe inside Jhipster app.
  2. Use themeleaf to render standard HTML/javascript or JSP page that embed these Widgets

Does anyone has a better alternative? Also suggest what changes that I will need to make in webpack to implement one of the above workaround


DHTMLX Gantt should work in Angular 9 and 10. Here are the demos:

Angular 10

Angular 9

  • Seeing Following Error, any patch fix in DHTMLX? Error: C:\Work\Projects\App\App\gantt_7.0.5_evaluation\codebase\dhtmlxgantt.js 10:439829 error Parsing error: Identifier expected. 'null' is a reserved word that cannot be used here – John Jan 7 at 4:40
  • Do you have Angular 11 Demo? Support for Latest Typescript version? Since both of these demos are not working in Angular 11/Typescript 4.0+ – John Jan 7 at 11:23
  • Here are the demos for Angular 11. The Trial version has the Gantt instance approach(create and destroy the Gantt instances) and uses the Gantt types, while the GPL version allows all types for Gantt: files.dhtmlx.com/30d/cfa203d2fbcb7066a780a2eb2569f683/… files.dhtmlx.com/30d/9a846d6e49c55de8f7fef16e13014db9/… – gearcoded Jan 18 at 13:53

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