I have been given a csv with a column called month as a char variable with the first three letters of the month. E.g.:

"Jan", "Feb","Mar",..."Dec"

Is there any way to convert this to a numeric representation of the month, 1 to 12, or even a type that is in a date format?

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    Extra credit: give an answer that works if your month abbreviations are not in English! (e.g. "Jan", "Fev", "Mar", "Avr", "Mai", ...) [Hint: you can probably do this by temporarily switching your system locale and using as.Date with the %b format ...] – Ben Bolker Jul 1 '11 at 14:48

Use match and the predefined vector month.abb:

tst <- c("Jan","Mar","Dec")
[1]  1  3 12

You can use the built-in vector month.abb to check against when converting to a number, eg :

mm <- c("Jan","Dec","jan","Mar","Apr")

sapply(mm,function(x) grep(paste("(?i)",x,sep=""),month.abb))
Jan Dec jan Mar Apr 
  1  12   1   3   4 

The grep construct takes care of differences in capitalization. If that's not needed,


works just as fine.

If you also have a day and a year column, you can use any of the conversion functions, using the appropriate codes (see also ?strftime)


mm <- c("Jan","Dec","jan","Mar","Apr")
year <- c(1998,1998,1999,1999,1999)
day <- c(4,10,3,16,25)

dates <- paste(year,mm,day,sep="-")

[1] "1998-01-04" "1998-12-10" "1999-01-03" "1999-03-16" "1999-04-25"
  • Thanks Joris, this is also useful. I will have to paste the column to get an actual date for a time series with it. – John Jul 1 '11 at 14:46

Just adding to the existing answers and the comment in the question:


Results date format "2018-12-20". locale("pt") is for Portuguese, which is used in Brazil, can do "es" for Spanish, "fr" for French etc.


A couple of options using:

vec <- c("Jan","Dec","Jan","Apr")


> Months <- 1:12
> names(Months) <- month.abb
> unname(Months[vec])
[1]  1 12  1  4


> match(vec, month.abb)
[1]  1 12  1  4

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