#!/usr/bin/env node

function myfunc(i) {
  return i + 1;

let i = 1;
i += 1;

Start debugging:

node inspect main.js

Leaves me at:

Break on start in main.js:7
  5 }
> 7 let i = 1;
  8 i += 1;
  9 console.log(myfunc(i));

Now I want to go directly to myfunc without:

  • n, n, s
  • adding a debugger statement into myfunc
  • using the browser GUI-based debugger

I tried something like:

sb myfunc

to add a breakpoint on myfunc, but sb only seems to be able to set breakpoints at the current line:

sb myfunc

Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected identifier

Tested on node v12.18.1.

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Per the doc, it looks to me like the right syntax is:


to set a breakpoint on the first line of a function named myfunc.

You could also set a breakpoint on a specific line number with:


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