I use vim for coding. When I have to compile the current file, Currently I use :!g++ % && ./a.out or :make. The errors/output displayed are gone when I press enter and get back to the file. I wish the errors and output are displayed in a vertical split by the side. It would be nice if output and error streams are in separate buffers. How can this be done? Errors and Output buffer(s) should be updated when I compile again and it should not create new buffers. How can do this? some vim pluggin/function? or a oneliner :P?



:make | copen

See http://vimdoc.sourceforge.net/htmldoc/quickfix.html#quickfix-window


If you want compile and run if compile succeeded. (i.e !g++ % && ./a.out )

Create a shells script with the following line,

g++ $1 -o /tmp/a.out && /tmp/a.out

Now set the makeprg like this. set makeprg=compileNrun.sh\ %

Cannot set the whole command directly as makeprg because of &&. If set in makeprg directly, the above command will be expanded to,

!g++ file.C -o /tmp/a.out && /tmp/a.out 2>&1 | tee /tmp/errorFile

Hence compilation errors wont be redirected to the error file if compilation failed ;P as && takes precedence over |

  • This answer does not address the problem to display compilation output in a (vertical) split – Charles Gueunet Mar 28 at 10:48

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