I am trying to make an application with multiple users using SSE Emitter on React Native and Expo, so, for testing I need at least 4 expo connections in the same time.

In this way, I used expo start on four terminal tabs and ran application in Web Browser. On the first three chrome tabs all works great, the request are fetching and sending valid data, but on the first one the requests are just pending. I thought it could be from CORS, cache control header, so I setted Cache-Control: 'no-cache' in Spring and it still doesn't work.

Also, on the fourth tab in Headers tab I get the warning: 'Provisional headers are shown':

enter image description here

Another way to mention is that, port 19007 is also used on third tab (the referer and origin header), so I think this may be actually an expo limit setted somewhere to only three simultaneously connections. I just ran expo start and press y when it warns me about the port being already in use, and if I want to open a new connection.

Any hint for a solution?

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