I am getting the ID of an entry in a database table in my codebehind, and am trying to find a simple LINQ query to delete the entry based on the ID.

Here is what I have:

DataContext.Items.DeleteObject((Item)DataContext.Items.Where(item => item.ItemId == selectedId));

This gives me a casting error however, and I am wondering if there is a better way to accomplish this? I've looked at similar questions and every answer I see seems to be more complicated than this should actually be, so any suggestions would be great!


You currently have an IQueryable<Item>, not and Item - use Single() to get the item itself:

var item = DataContext.Items.Where(item => item.ItemId == selectedId).Single();

This assumes a single matching item (ID as primary key), otherwise consider using First() of FirstOrDefault() with a null check instead or if you have a collection of item, just delete them in a loop:

var items = DataContext.Items.Where(item => item.ItemId == selectedId);
foreach(var item in items)
DataContext.Items.DeleteObject((Item)DataContext.Items.Where(item => item.ItemId == selectedId).First());

Don't forget to prevent error you'll need to ensure that the id you're checking on is of an actual Item. Something like this, for example:

var item = (Item)DataContext.Items.Where(item => item.ItemId == selectedId).FirstOrDefault();

if (item != null) {

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