When I run chromedriver, due to my system preferences it turns off "Location" as shown in this image. location being turned off
The problem is an individual site still think my location is allowed. As shown in this image: site thinking location is allowed
When I manually set this drop-down to "block" then I achieve the desired behavior. Any way to do this programmatically? Here is what I've tried adding in the capabilities/preferences from various posts around the internet, none have worked:
profile.default_content_settings.geolocation: 2
geolocation: 1

  • please add an example website and language binding you are using ( like java , python etc)
    – PDHide
    Jan 1 at 4:02


Prevents permission prompts from appearing by denying instead of showing prompts. ↪


COuld you try adding this as argument example :7

python ;

  • 1
    This sort of works! But with an exception. Previously I was trying to navigate to problemURL right after creating the webdriver. However, if I navigated to "chrome://settings/content/location" FIRST then navigated to my desired URL the location pop-up will come up (and get denied because of the cli switch). Weirdly enough, this doesnt occur if I go to some other url first (like Google.com) and note I am not toggling any of the chrome setting switches, just visiting the page.
    – robert
    Jan 1 at 5:15
  • What happened when u visit Google then settings then your desired url. I don't have an example websit to try out
    – PDHide
    Jan 1 at 5:19
  • 1
    Works as it should (location = blocked)
    – robert
    Jan 1 at 5:23

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