This is my Vuex getter:

const getters = {
  getMovieById: state => id => {
    return state.movies.find(movie => movie.id === id);

I am importing the module in my component:

import movieMod from "../store/modules/movies";

I am storing the returned value of the getter in my reactive object:

 movie = movieMod.getters.getMovieById(parseInt(props.id));

This is returning me the following function:

(id) {
  return state.movies.find(function (movie) {
    return movie.id === id;

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Try the following:

movie = movieMod.getters.getMovieById(state)(parseInt(props.id)

getMovieById is a higher-order function, which is a function that returns a function. In your case, you are not executing the returned function.


I figured out my approach was wrong. I was supposed to use the hook from the composition API rather than importing the module.

import { useStore } from "vuex";

setup(props) {
  const store = useStore();
  return {
    movie: computed(() => store.getters.getMovieById(parseInt(props.id)))

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