A common question for anaconda new user - after installing anaconda in Linux it's displaying 'base' in the terminal by default

(base)user007:~$ anaconda-navigator

Now I want to remove (base) permanently from the terminal without deactivating conda.

I tried the following source but didn't help me altogether. Either it was deactivating conda after removing (base) or activated conda but didn't remove (base) permanently from terminal.




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After researching all solution I reached an end from this link stackoverflow.com/questions/55171696

  1. check By default, auto_activate_base is set to True or False when installing anaconda

     $ conda config --show | grep auto_activate_base
  2. If it appears auto_activate_base: False after running the above command. Then run

     $conda config --set auto_activate_base True
  3. Then run $conda config --set changeps1 False it will hide (env) completely, and in case you want to show (env) only when it's activated, you can set changeps1 to True.

  4. Finally add source ~/anaconda3/bin/activate root to bashrc file and save it.

#Now it won't show (base) anymore & conda will open smoothly.

To check it run $anaconda-navigator

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