I am trying to integrate Driverless AI in my Anylogic Simulation project, but am unable to make the mojo pipeline work. I have placed the license.sig file in the same directory as mojo pipeline. The license.sig file I am using has been created using a text file of the license key, hope that is not a problem here. The error I am getting is "Model cannot be resolved"

Below is the code I used to run MOJO:

MojoFrameBuilder fb = stayDurationModel.getInputFrameBuilder();
MojoRowBuilder rb = fb.getMojoRowBuilder();
rb.setString("ORG", ORG);
rb.setString("Org_Product", Org_Product);
rb.setString("Org_Region", Org_Region);
rb.setDate("Due Date", new java.sql.Date(Due_Date.getTime()));
rb.setString("Customer Name", Customer_Name);
rb.setDouble("Invoice Amount", Invoice_Amount);
rb.setString("Bank Account Name", Bank_Account_Name);


MojoFrame iframe = fb.toMojoFrame();
MojoFrame oframe = DSOModel.transform(iframe);

// Extract output from frame:
String[] outputArray = oframe.getColumn(0).getDataAsStrings();
double DSO = Double.valueOf(outputArray[0]);

lblPatientTxt.setText("Invoice(\n ORG: " + ORG + ",\n Org_Product: " + 
Org_Product + ",\n Due Date " + Due_Date + ",\n Invoice Amount" + 
Invoice_Amount + ",\n Customer Name " + Customer_Name + ",\n Bank Account 
+ Bank_Account_Name  + ")");
lblBedDays.setText("DSO" + DSO + " days");

return DSO;

Have attached the console error logs and the code. Thanks in advance!

Console Error Message

  • Can you share the code you are using for running the mojo? – Neema Mashayekhi Jan 4 at 8:58
  • Hi Neema, thank you very much for your response. I have edited the post with the code. Thanks! – joel sidhu Jan 5 at 9:58
  • It's not clear what is the cause. Your code doesn't show how the pipeline.mojo is loaded. I would recommend you first try using the run_example.sh and make sure you can score with example.csv link. Then modify it to match your code to see where is the discrepancy. – Neema Mashayekhi Jan 6 at 2:20

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