All of the examples I have found for the PrimeNG p-table show the following example for filtering a table.

<input pInputText type="text" (input)="dt.filterGlobal($event.target.value, 'contains')" placeholder="Filter" />

When I use this I get a compile error.

error TS2339: Property 'value' does not exist on type 'EventTarget'.

Note: I do have strict mode turned on.


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Your HTML input should be like this

<input pInputText type="text" (input)="applyFilterGlobal($event, 'contains')" placeholder="Filter" />

and in your TS do this

import { Table } from 'primeng/table'
applyFilterGlobal($event: any, stringVal: any) {
    this.dt!.filterGlobal(($event.target as HTMLInputElement).value, stringVal);

if you get error for dt add below line

  @ViewChild('dt') dt: Table | undefined;
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    Following above answer with small change worked for me - applyFilterGlobal($event: any, stringVal: any) { this.dt?.filterGlobal(($event.target as HTMLInputElement).value, 'contains'); } Commented Jul 9, 2021 at 7:46
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    import { Table } from 'primeng/table';
    – Mycah
    Commented Jul 26, 2021 at 17:53

try to parse the target to an HTMLInputElement first:

<input pInputText type="text" (input)="applyFilterGlobal($event, 'contains')" placeholder="Filter" />

and in your component:

applyFilterGlobal($event, stringVal) {
  this.dt.filterGlobal(($event.target as HTMLInputElement).value, stringVal);

event.target is an HTMLElement, because you are in strict mode, and HTMLElement doesnt have the value property, the compile engine throws the error, changing the target to HTMLInputElement solves it

  • I had left off a few other parts, Lazy loading etc... It works now. Not compiling was stopping me from getting to the other parts. Thank You!
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    Commented Jan 2, 2021 at 10:43
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    Might be better to pass stringVal through to filterGlobal() so that the operator is defined in the page and passed through.
    – Glenn
    Commented Jul 26, 2021 at 7:47

Instead following code,

<input pInputText type="text" (input)="dt.filterGlobal($event.target.value, 'contains')" placeholder="Global Search" />`

Try following. This worked for me.

<input pInputText type="text" (input)="dt.filterGlobal($any($event.target).value, 'contains')" placeholder="Global Search" />`

I added "$any"for $event.target.

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<input pInputText #textInput type="text(input)="tt.filterGlobal(textInput.value, 'contains')" placeholder="Filter" />

Adding #textInput to the tag worked for me.


Another option is to use an Angular Template Reference in the input tag.

<input pInputText #textInput type="text(input)="dt.filterGlobal(textInput.value, 'contains')" placeholder="Filter" />

#textInput above is a reference to an input tag so it has a value attribute.

  1. write a function in component to retrieve the value of $event by passing the $event
getEventValue($event:any) :string {
  return $event.target.value;
  1. apply the above function in your HTML code.
 <input pInputText type="text" (input)="dt1.filterGlobal(getEventValue($event), 'contains')" placeholder="Search keyword" />

parse the target by using $any() on template. like,

<input pInputText type="text" (input)="dt.filterGlobal($any($event.target).value, 'contains')" placeholder="Filter" />

Globally tell Angular not to check the type of DOM event bindings by disabling strictDomEventTypes:

  "angularCompilerOptions": {
    "strictTemplates": true
    "strictDomEventTypes": false,

Extending the previous answers, this worked for me:

<input pInputText type="text" (input)="applyFilterGlobal($event, 'contains', table)" placeholder="Search keyword" />

where table is your #table reference in the table like <p-table #table ...>. Then:

applyFilterGlobal($event: any, stringVal: any, dt: any) {
   dt!.filterGlobal(($event.target as HTMLInputElement).value, 'contains');

In HTML Use This.

<input pInputText type="text" (input)="dt1.filterGlobal(applyFilterGlobal($event), 'contains')" placeholder="Search keyword" />

In TS file use:

  applyFilterGlobal(event: any) {
    return event.target.value;

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