I have an architectural question about an application I want to build. The Application will have Angular as frontend and Backend Spring Boot generated with jhipster.

I will have a microservice called manufacturer where I have the following entities: seller material products. material has an many to many relationship with seller and the owner is material. and product with material many to many and is the owner.

my question is One material can have multiple sellers thus multiple prices. Does it make more sense to put the price field inside material or inside seller? I am not an DB expert but my guts tells me to put it inside material because it makes more logical sense from everyday use. Could someone maybe give me an advice is that ok if I put it inside material or does it make more sense to put it inside seller entity?


I may be misunderstanding your question but why not put the price in the entity for the many to many relationship and map it to a new class?

There is no singular price for the Material so it can not be put there.

Seller do not have an unified price for all Materials they offer so it can not be put there either.

As an alternative design the DB like this:

SELLER(id,name,location, etc...)
MATERIAL(id, colour, roughness, stability, etc...)
LISTING(seller_id->SELLER.id, material_id->MATERIAL.id, price)

Within the Java code you could then put an @OneToMany pointing to the Listings in both Seller and Material.

Like this it can be easily accessed either way

  • Hi, do you mean to generate a new price entity? or what did you mean to be exactly did not quite understand you. Should I generate a new entity called price and then put a relationship with price and material? – Hasan Toraman Jan 2 at 21:48
  • The price should indeed be in a separate entity with foreign keys to both Seller and Material.This is because the price only makes sense when the two entities interact and thus cannot be put in either of them. – cFarrell Jan 2 at 21:55
  • alright and just to be sure the owner of the relationships should be material and seller right? Jhipster asks me this question while connecting them. – Hasan Toraman Jan 2 at 21:59

Think practically being a seller. Multiple seller buy dough but have a varying a pizza prices. You might have seen online shopping websites have different prices for different sellers.

I don't know what you mean by material & product , but if I get it right, by material you mean raw-material for making product.

A seller would be linked with material in a one-to-many and with product in a many-to-many relationship.

  • Hi, thanks for your answer, the reason why I had put a seller to a material (like you said raw material like wood, screws etc) with many to many was because one Seller can sell different kind of materials and materials can be bought buy different kind of sellers. That was the reason why I had a many to many relationship. Products is also many to many with materials because one product is produced through different kind of materials and materials can be used with different products. Product entity are things I am producing myself. I hope I could give you a bit of an insight for my usecase – Hasan Toraman Jan 3 at 14:54

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