From like hour ago I keep getting network error on material design icons cdn as error name not resolved.


I am wondering why is nuxt app using cdn instead of downloaded files?

When I try to run npm install nuxt-material-design-icons or npm install material-design-icons it just freezes..

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I figured it out,

Step 1: Add Google fonts icon's CDN.

export default {
  head () {
    return {
      link: [
        // Add this
        { rel: 'stylesheet', href: 'https://fonts.googleapis.com/icon?family=Material+Icons' }

Step 2: Use it (you are done!)

  // Add this
  <span class="material-icons">face</span>

Here is the complete list of Material Icons.


For Nuxt.js, you will need to install this package:

yarn add nuxt-material-design-icons-iconfont
// Or if you are using npm:
npm install nuxt-material-design-icons-iconfont

And declare that package within nuxt.config.js file:

modules: [

Add "nuxt-material-design-icons" in "modules" in nuxt.config.js


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