I have a project that runs a pipeline with a few jobs/stages in it. I have the project set up to create merge requests when I push to another branch. Those jobs kick off after the merge request is published. Is there any way to start the pipeline before the merge request is published?


Here is what I ended up adding based on the accepted answer.

    - when: always

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If you want to use the basic configuration, I'd probably take a look at workflow:rules in Gitlab's pipeline configuration reference:

The top-level workflow: keyword determines whether or not a pipeline is created. It accepts a single rules: keyword that is similar to rules: defined in jobs. Use it to define what can trigger a new pipeline.

Here you could use the merge_request_event-rule:

For pipelines created when a merge request is created or updated. Required to enable merge request pipelines, merged results pipelines, and merge trains.

Gitlab also offers Pipelines for merge requests, which could be a better fit for your specific use-case. Keep in mind that not every user can trigger a pipeline if the relevant branch is protected.

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