There are a number of ways of getting callbacks when Text or Entry widgets are changed in Tkinter, but I haven't found one for Listbox's (it doesn't help that much of the event documentation I can find is old or incomplete). Is there some way of generating an event for this?


You can bind to:

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    Perfect, thanks. Know where can I find documentation on all the custom events that widgets support? – bfops Jul 3 '11 at 15:30
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    @RobotGymnast Try (The Tcl/Tk man pages)[tcl.tk/man/tcl8.5/TkCmd/event.htm#M41] (from Bill's answer below) – drevicko Nov 2 '13 at 0:11
def onselect(evt):
    # Note here that Tkinter passes an event object to onselect()
    w = evt.widget
    index = int(w.curselection()[0])
    value = w.get(index)
    print 'You selected item %d: "%s"' % (index, value)

lb = Listbox(frame, name='lb')
lb.bind('<<ListboxSelect>>', onselect)
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    Minor point, but this only prints the first of the selected entries. If you've multiple selections, try something like print 'You selected items: %s'%[w.get(int(i)) for i in w.curselection()] – drevicko Nov 2 '13 at 0:17
  • In Python 3.6.5, int(w.curselection()[0]) can be replaced with w.curselection()[0] because it already returns an object of type int. Notice that I didn't try this with any other Python version. – ismailarilik Jun 4 '18 at 12:21

I had the problem that I needed to get the last selected item in a listbox with selectmode=MULTIPLE. In case someone else has the same problem, here is what I did:

lastselectionList = []
def onselect(evt):
    # Note here that Tkinter passes an event object to onselect()
    global lastselectionList
    w = evt.widget
    if lastselectionList: #if not empty
    #compare last selectionlist with new list and extract the difference
        changedSelection = set(lastselectionList).symmetric_difference(set(w.curselection()))
        lastselectionList = w.curselection()
    #if empty, assign current selection
        lastselectionList = w.curselection()
        changedSelection = w.curselection()
    #changedSelection should always be a set with only one entry, therefore we can convert it to a lst and extract first entry
    index = int(list(changedSelection)[0])
    value = w.get(index)
    tkinter.messagebox.showinfo("You selected ", value)
listbox = tk.Listbox(frame,selectmode=tk.MULTIPLE)
listbox.bind('<<ListboxSelect>>', onselect)

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