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In some cases when checking for not equal, I saw using != and in some places i saw !==. Is there any difference in that?


var x = 10;   

if (x != 10) {   


if (x !== 10) {    

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== compares only the value and converts between types to find an equality, === compares the types as well.

  • == means equal
  • === means identical

1 is equal to "1", but not identical, because 1 is an integer and "1" is a string.


They are different in terms of strictness of comparison. !== compares variable types in addition to values.


!== will also check the type (int, string, etc.) while != doesn't.

For more information, see the PHP comparison operator documentation.


The !== is strict not equal: Difference between == and === in JavaScript


The difference is that == (and !=) compare only the value, === (and !==) compare the value and the type.

For example
"1" == 1 returns true
"1" === 1 returns false, because one is a string and the other is an integer

Hope this helps. Cheers

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