I am using Postgres ( 12.5 ver on ubuntu OS and it is community edition). I am looking for columnstore features in postgres. While creating column store index it is giving me ERROR: access method "columnstore" does not exist.

Also i am looking for other option like default_table_access_method = zedstore; It is showing the error as listed below ERROR: invalid value for parameter "default_table_access_method": "zedstore" DETAIL: Table access method "zedstore" does not exist.

Please can you help me to resolve this issue?

  • The community edition of Postgres does not have column store. Jan 6 at 16:06
  • Please be more diligent next time, and properly format your code ;-) Jan 6 at 17:39
  • Looks like Greenplum Jan 6 at 19:25

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