I have an image in a repeater, I only want to open the image which has been clicked on, I don't want the other images to be available to do paging.

This is my line in the repeater:

<a title="jhddj" rel="relImageStatusUpdate" href="<%= format_status_image_url(row["UserID"],row["USERSTATUS_ID"]) %>" 
<img alt="" 
src="<%= format_status_thumbnailimage_url(row["UserID"],row["USERSTATUS_ID"]) %>"/></a>

And the jquery is this:

$(document).ready(function () {



Instead of setting the rel to relImageStatusUpdate, change it to nofollow. This is from the ColorBox Docs

rel: false This can be used as an anchor rel alternative for ColorBox. This allows the user to group any combination of elements together for a gallery, or to override an existing rel so elements are not grouped together. Example: $('#example a').colorbox({rel:'group1'})

Note: The value can also be set to 'nofollow' to disable grouping.

and of course initialize Colorbox as follows:


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