We are building an application using Jhipster with spring boot microservice architecture, and want to deploy sample application in multiple VMs to have load balancer in jhipster registry. For easy reference, I name my application as 'Spidy'. So, war file of Spidy app is installed in two VMs - 'lpqrstv1' and 'lpqrstv2', and this 'Spidy' app will talk to database. By default jhipster gave us 'HazelCast' 2nd level cache and we are ok with that.

Now, if a CRUD operation is performed from 'lpqrstv1',Hazelcast cache on this server is updated and DB is successfully updated, but Hazelcast cache on 'lpqrstv2' is not refreshed. And so, when UI is doing read operation, and if load balancer routes read request to 'lpqrstv2', we are getting stale data as long corresponding data exists in hazelcast of 'lpqrstv2'

I want to know, how to implement to refresh both caches with any CUD operation.

Any help in this regard is greatly appreciated.

  • This is likely to happen when two Hazelcast instances do not connect to each other and behave like a separate cache each. Can you check the logs and see if Hazelcast members find each other? Or in case of using client, are you sure both connect to the same cluster? Also sharing application logs and the versions might make it easy to figure out the problem. – ozcan Jan 7 at 7:23
  • Ozcan, logs aren't helping much . No where it shows that both caches communicate. All I want to know is how to implement 2nd level cache in an application that has multiple instances. – Pavan Jan 8 at 5:07
  • Then all you need to do is make these instances discover each other and then you do not need any refresh/invalidation mechanism as Hazelcast L2C takes care of all the work. This section could help you when configuring Hazelcast instances to discover each other: docs.hazelcast.org/docs/latest/manual/html-single/… – ozcan Jan 8 at 6:53
  • ok thank you ozcan. Will go thru it. – Pavan Jan 8 at 18:06

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