I'm trying to create a Pull-to-Refresh logic in my app.

I know it starts with handling Overscrolling, but I can't seem to find anything in compose that has to do with Overscrolling.

Is it not implemented in Compose yet? Or is it hidden somewhere?

I'm using a LazyColumn right now, I didn't find anything in the LazyListState.

  • I built a library as an alternative to SwipeRefresh which provides the classic pull-to-refresh pattern. Check it out if you're interested.
    – Feng Dai
    May 16 at 2:25

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You can use the Swipe Refresh feature included in Google's Accompanist library.

Example usage:

val viewModel: MyViewModel = viewModel()
val isRefreshing by viewModel.isRefreshing.collectAsState()

    state = rememberSwipeRefreshState(isRefreshing),
    onRefresh = { viewModel.refresh() },
) {
    LazyColumn {
        items(30) { index ->
            // TODO: list items

See the docs for more details.


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