I'm using SoundCloud JavaScript SDK to post comment on tracks. It was working well but suddenly it stopped working. I checked their documentation and I'm using exact same code as per their documentation.

Below is my code

SC.post("/tracks/" + track_id + "/comments", {
    comment: {
        body: "Awesome track",
        timestamp: 1500

SoundCloud API Documentation: https://developers.soundcloud.com/docs#comments Please check JavaScript tab

Now I'm getting below error

code    422
message "Parameter comment is missing."
link    "https://developers.soundcloud.com/docs/api/explorer/open-api"
status  "422 - Unprocessable Entity"
errors  [ {…} ]
0   Object { error_message: "Parameter comment is missing." }
error_message   "Parameter comment is missing."
error   null

Please help me how can I resolve this issue.


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