How is the way to share Instagram stories with the app link as Spotify and Netflix do? -Open with Spotify or Netflix.. Not found in the documentation https://developers.facebook.com/docs/instagram/sharing-to-stories/


to share an url on Instagram Stories, you need to use the com.instagram.sharedSticker.contentURL attribute, like:

"com.instagram.sharedSticker.contentURL" : "your app's applink"
  • Thank you for your answer, but how about the App name and logo? Like this one; imgur.com/a/MEcthHd – Tahir Kizir Jan 8 at 12:03
  • you can share the following contents: - sticker - background assets - combination of the above In your case the App name and logo have to be added to the sticker, so you need to create an image, which contains your App name and logo, and share it as sticker. – BoygeniusDexter Jan 8 at 12:06

I just found that, it is called attribution link and only for the specified users can use that.

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