I've tried the following without success:

:httpc.set_options( proxy: {{'proxy.int.mycompany.com', 8080}, ['localhost'], proxy_auth: {'developer', 'developer'}})


:httpc.set_options(proxy:  { {'proxy.int.mycompany.com', 8080}, ['localhost'], {'proxy_auth', 'developer', 'developer'}})

:httpc.set_options/1 expects a proplist.

  proxy: {{'proxy.int.mycompany.com', 8080}, ['localhost']},
  proxy_auth: {'developer', 'developer'}
  • I tried that. It gives{:error, {:not_an_option, {:proxy_auth, {'developer', 'developer'}}}} error. – arpit Jan 8 at 14:53
  • It looks like you can set proxy_auth only in :httpc.request function. – nikit Jan 8 at 21:00
  • Yes, I think the same. Thanks for confirming. – arpit Jan 10 at 6:50

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