I have a MQ queue which has 2K odd records which needs to be unloaded into a file and check why these were not consumed by our INBOUND process. And I tried to unload the records into a file using the below command example:

qload -m ABCDE -iQueue1 -f/var/tmp/Queue1.qload

And further I tried to zip the file in linux. extarcted it into windows and when I open the file in windows it is not readable.

Could you kindly suggest any command to unload a queue into file with redable form?

  • Which version of IBM MQ do you have installed? qload is meant to output the messages in a format which can be loaded back to a queue and keep the message and MQMD the same but it is not very readable if you just want the text of the messages. amqsbcg will it output both text and hex of the messages. amqsget will output the text assuming the messages are just ascii formatted (this will also remove them from the queue, you could load them back with your qload back up). – JoshMc Jan 8 at 20:41
  • In what way is it not readable? Is it completely garbage or have you just got extra CR LF characters? – Morag Hughson Jan 8 at 21:43
  • The output in file is not understandable its has come numbers letters and special characters in the records. – Sneha Jan 9 at 17:06
  • @JoshMc, thank you. I will try your suggestions and come back for further advise if needed. – Sneha Jan 9 at 17:08
  • Hi @JoshMc, I used the command dspmqinst to get the version, and it is – Sneha Jan 10 at 15:26

The below command can be used to make files readble:

qload -fDEBVRPHV.CIBREP.DEAD.LETTER.qload_1 -fredable_file -dA 
qload -fDEBVRPHV.CIBREP.DEAD.LETTER.qload_1 -fredable_file_trial -da

where :
-d <Display Options>]
a         Add ASCII columns to HEX file
A         Write output file in ASCII lines rather than HEX

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