I've just installed Facebook for WooCommerce plugin for a client. After connecting it to the Facebook Business account, I can no longer shop, Error 404 happens 1. Also the page gets messy 2.

Anyone have any ideas? Site: https://www.mercadodaretifica.com.br/devmercaret/

  • please be more specific. when exactly does an error 404 happen? what exactly do you mean by "page gets messy"? you should read this: stackoverflow.com/help/minimal-reproducible-example also, did you try deinstalling the plugin? did that solve the issues? – luschn Jan 9 at 12:04
  • 1 - Yes, I tried to uninstall it but it didn't work. Last time we tried the same happened and we had to restore a backup. 2 - What exactly happens is that now you click on a product and then click on "go to cart" to finish shopping, but then the next page is error 404. In that page the menu is also messy. This can be seen on the prints above. Thank you! – Laila Laila Jan 11 at 16:53