According to this page, you can use GET graph.facebook.com/{page-id}/blocked endpoint to see a list of blocked users and pages from one of your pages. You can also use the POST and REMOVE methods along with user parameter to add or remove a user from your Page's block list.

But it seems not to be working. With the GET query and the appropriate Page Access Token, I receive a blank list just like this:

  "data": [
  "paging": {
    "cursors": {
      "before": "MAZDZD",
      "after": "MjQZD"
    "next": "----------"

If I try to add some user to the block list of one of my pages, I receive this:

  "error": {
    "message": "(#100) The global id ------- is not allowed for this call",
    "type": "OAuthException",
    "code": 100,
    "fbtrace_id": "-------"

Why I can't see the list of blocked users and pages from my pages? And why can't I block someone: maybe I need the Page Scoped User ID? But how can I get this?


  • Yes you most likely need a page scoped user ID when the error message say global ID is not allowed. – WizKid Jan 9 at 0:58
  • Thanks, I will try it. Do you know how to get this Page Scoped User ID? The only information I get is this page, and it says the Page-Scoped ID API is deprecated in v7.0+. Nowadays, any apps created after May 1, 2018 are automatically assign PSIDs and no further action is required... – Rucc Jan 9 at 10:52
  • How do you get the IDs? – WizKid Jan 9 at 19:51
  • Oops! You are right, I was getting the User IDs from an external website, but if I get them from a Facebook App (althought is not the same app), I can create new blocked users for a page. Thanks! But I am still not able to see the list of banned users for a page. I guess is hidden for privacy? – Rucc Jan 10 at 20:14

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