I am trying to create a password manager, I have successfully been able to create the encryption key by using a key derivation function on the master-password using PBKDF2 and SHA256. The passwords will be stored in an sqlite database.

However, how do I encrypt and decrypt the database? (in python)

Things I have tried:

  • Using the pysqlcipher module. I used the 2to3 command to convert the python2 code to python3 code which someone suggested in the issues section of the github page, but after that it still comes up with errors (SQLite: error: C1083: cannot open include file: 'sqlite3.h')

  • Using the pysqlcipher3 module. Someone ported the pysqlcipher module to python3, but it gives an error message when installing via pip
    (WARNING: Legacy build of wheel for 'pysqlcipher3' created no files.)

Is the only way to do it to encrypt and decrypt every field one at a time?


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