Can i request script for delete pending post in facebook group on new updates? before faceboo updates i using this script for delete my pending post automaticly, but now how i can find the key/class like ".g0qnabr5" ? good news new facebook doesnt need the confirm layer to delete post but i still cant find the code to delete pending post

function deleteButtons() {
    var recusar = document.querySelectorAll('.g0qnabr5');
        recusar.forEach(btn => btn.click());

function confirmdelete() {
        //button 'Delete' to confirm delete this post 
    var excluir = document.querySelectorAll('.layerConfirm'); 
        excluir.forEach(btn => btn.click());

function confirmcancel() {
        //button 'oke' to confirm delete this post 
    var excluir = document.querySelectorAll('.layerCancel'); 
        excluir.forEach(btn => btn.click());
var interval_del = setInterval( deleteButtons, 10000);
var interval_confirm = setInterval( confirmdelete, 5000);
var interval_cancel  = setInterval( confirmcancel, 5000); //experimental
var interval_bottom_page = setInterval( function () { window.scrollTo(0,document.body.scrollHeight) }, 10000); ;
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    Facebook doesn't allow you to scrape them. The class name g0qnabr5 may change at any moment. Use the API. – WizKid Jan 9 at 19:52

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