I'm trying to figure out the best method to exchange user information between a Spring application, and an Identity Provider. To be specific, it's an application generated with jHipster, using Keycloak as the IdP.

The data exchange can be done easily with keycloak-admin-client, the problem is that after the update, the client still haves the same Access Token in memory, basically it's not in sync with the new data sent to Keycloak.

Do you know which is the best method to handle this situation?

I tried to invalidate the current access token, in order to force the client app to ask for a new one using the refresh token. But apparently there's no way to do this with the admin-client (at least, I couldn't find it).

At this point I don't see other options then asking for a new access token from client, once it sends an user data update request.

It doesn't seem a proper solution to me, I feel like maybe there's a more "elegant" procedure for this situations.

If you have any better solution, I'm all ears.

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