I am trying to find a way to create custom user input dialog with imacros (javascript).

However while the dialog itself could be done, say,

with javascript

or jQuery

No luck in getting the variable to be used "outside". It keeps saying variable is not defined, or illegal syntax (see i am trying to alert "a" variable outside)

Is there any way to get around this issue, attaining the goal? Or i am doing it wrong?

P.S: I am using imacros 8.9.7 run in Firefox 56, Windows 7 (classic mode)

  • Purpose of the 'PROMPT' Command... – chivracq Jan 13 at 13:08
  • PROMPT command only show basic-styled single line input, not something i would like to achieve. So its not possible? – gardin Jan 13 at 13:31
  • @chivracq The goal is to create custom modal popup (multi line input) that is heavily styled, then use that input for the rest. I am sure it could be done somehow – gardin Jan 13 at 14:04
  • "single line", => Not True, you can use '<BR>' for Multi-Lines... (and '<SP>' for Spaces). (But no Bold/Italic/etc, and you can't change the Lettertype...) And you can only use 1 Input Field per 'PROMPT'. But if ask the Users to input the Data like "Input 1 # Input 2 # Input 3", you can re-separate the 3 Fields using 'EVAL()', ... or you use 3x 'PROMPT'... – chivracq Jan 13 at 16:12
  • "1 input field per PROMPT" - exactly my point. Mine have always like 8 variable or so. Some optional, some requires specific format (not just <input> but also <textarea>, etc). Since you're one of the most experienced imacros on earth, from above comment, simply said, are you suggesting that its not possible achieving such goal? – gardin Jan 13 at 17:30

Still posting as an/"the" Answer a Link to one Post of mine that you "accepted" at "the" Answer/Solution to your Qt @OP in the parallel Thread you opened on the 'iMacros' Forum...:

I won't quote its/(my) Content as it's pretty Verbose with several Links to other Threads on the iMacros Forum and its Content doesn't really fit for the "simplistic" Q/A Principle from SOF which doesn't/never works for Qt's, or only for ueber-simplistic Qt's from Users too lazy to read 2 Pages from the Wiki/Documentation...

=> For Users interested, this is a very clever/interesting Qt/Scenario, check the parallel Thread on the iMacros Forum for "more Info"...

(@ SOF Mods, I post my Answers/Solutions on the iMacros Forum, (has been around before SOF), as (I make sure) no Content gets deleted there (Mod there sinds 2015, with 9000+ Posts / 1500+ Solutions), while all new Threads/Qt's about all get deleted "here" every Friday with just one '-1' from anybody...) (Counter has been at ~1450 for at least 3 years... (for 'iMacros' Qt's...))

  • @OP, if you can accept my Answer, to prevent Deletion of the whole Thread...

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