I have a list of records and trying to keep the four records out of my final result. I have created a filtered variable below and used the following code to get the results. The code runs but instead of filtering out 4 records it only filters two records and the last two records in the filter variable remain in the final result. what could I be doing wrong?

filtered <-
    "Foundation1 - X",
    "Foundation2 - XX",
    "Y19 Success  - XXX",
  "Funda<f3>n Prof - XXX")

live_adjusted <- live %>%
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    can you post a representative sample of your data? You can use dput(live) and post the result inside your question. Otherwise it will be difficult to help you on this particular problem. I would guess that it is an issue of spelling. – Cettt Jan 13 at 13:11
  • thank you Cettt, you are right, there were some weird spelling/spacing issues, which I fixed, and then the code worked:) – onkaronkar4 Jan 13 at 15:12

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