I have an old page with many posts/photos and I need to delete all posts/photos. I'm the creator of this page and. I need to select all checkboxes on this page.

I tried a few JS and jQuery codes in the console but it didn't work

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  • How does selecting checkboxes help you delete something? Can you show any code? – jqueryHtmlCSS 2 days ago
  • @jqueryHtmlCSS well, i tried to build a selenium python bot for click every checkboxes but didn't click any checkboxes because classes are of list type. Here are the codes of a checkbox: <button aria-checked="false" aria-disabled="false" aria-label="Satır Seç" class="_1gcq _29c- _1gco _5e9w" role="checkbox" type="button" style="border-color: rgb(190, 194, 201); background-color: transparent;"><i aria-hidden="true" class="_3w08 accessible_elem monochrome img sp_95MChtcHRzw sx_59a634" alt="" style="left: -2px; top: -2px;"></i></button> – Joshua Graham 2 days ago
  • @jqueryHtmlCSS also this is the page prnt.sc/wmr65x – Joshua Graham 2 days ago

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