I have a procedure that expects an array of Tobject, and an array of some class and I can't get them to work together.

   TtestRec = class
    // some fields

 procedure LoadOne(var element : Tobject); begin end;
 procedure LoadAll(var all : array of Tobject); begin end;

 var testArray : array of TtestRec;
   // fill the array
   LoadOne(testArray[0]);  // no problem
   LoadAll(testArray);     // incompatible types: 'array of Tobject' and 'Dynamic array'

I would like to call LoadAll with arrays of all kinds of classes. What should I change?

  • I think you can cast: LoadAll(TArray<TObject>(testArray)). – Andreas Rejbrand 2 days ago
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    I don't believe what you say. Your call to LoadOne doesn't compile either. There's a reason why you can't do this. How is your LoadOne or LoadAll function going to know how to instantiate the correct type? – David Heffernan 2 days ago
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    @SilverWarior: Yes, TtestRec is a descendant of TObject. TtestRec = class means exactly the same thing as TtestRec = class(TObject). – Andreas Rejbrand 2 days ago
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    @SilverWarior: Well, this has been the case since at least Delphi 4 from 1998. – Andreas Rejbrand 2 days ago
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    @Silver Every single Delphi version. Perhaps you are remembering TurboPascal. And we can see a dynamic array. They came in Delphi 4 IIRC. – David Heffernan 2 days ago

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