self.backgroundColor = .init(named: "my-color")

where self is an UIView, triggers this error:

Value of optional type 'UIColor?' must be unwrapped to a value of type 'UIColor'
Coalesce using '??' to provide a default when the optional value contains 'nil' [Fix]
Force-unwrap using '!' to abort execution if the optional value contains 'nil' [Fix]

The compiler knows that the backgroundColor property is of type UIColor?, so it should infer it for the initializer, right?

Moreover, knowing that the property is optional, the error message doesn't make too much sense for me.

Also, both auto fixes are "recursive", meaning that they don't fix the error, and I can apply them over and over again.

Note: I know that I can use UIColor.init or simply UIColor. This is just a simplified example.

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    Your code seems to be missing some context: you haven't included anything to show us what the definition of self.backgroundColor actually is. – IMSoP Jan 13 at 17:29
  • You need to edit your question to include all relevant code in the form of a minimal reproducible example in order to make the question on-topic. – Dávid Pásztor Jan 13 at 17:38
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    To me it's clear from the description that backgroundColor is of type UIColor?. I ran the code myself and could verify the same result as observed in this question and I still think it's a valid and intriguing question. It seems there's something about the way the swift semantic analizer is trying to infer the types. – Jobert Jan 13 at 17:43
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    @DávidPásztor, Right, but it's very clear to everybody that self is an UIView. But even without this, it's irrelevant, since I said that it's a property of type UIColor?. – Iulian Onofrei Jan 13 at 18:10

I think this error doesn't make sense and, after some research, I found it's actually a known bug in Swift. The reference is here.
Basically, it seems the compiler tries to look through the optional to find your initializer.
It seems the fix will be shipped with the next release.


backgroundColor is declared as optional. The compiler infers UIColor? and tries to create

self.backgroundColor = UIColor?.init(named: "my-color")

which is not supported – and which is not related to the optional init method.

You must use the non-optional type

self.backgroundColor = UIColor(named: "my-color")

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