I did a mistake and declared a SQLite table column in CREATE TABLE DDL statement as STRING. Inserting '00123' into that column results as numeric value 123 being written (so leading zeroes are lost). I now know I should have used TEXT.

Is there any way, using FireDAC, to somehow force TEXT affinity for that column without dropping and recreating the table? Or, in other words, force leading zeroes to be written in the STRING column type?

I've tried INSERT INTO table_name (string_column) VALUES (CAST('00123' AS TEXT)) with no luck.

If drop/create table is the only way forward, is there a way to know for a table whether a column was created as STRING (so, get its affinity)?


  • Unfortunately you will have to recreate table. Columns defined as a string can be found in select sql from sqlite_master where name = 'table_name' – Branko Jan 13 at 18:56
  • The only way around I see is to store UTF-8 with BLOB affinity using BLOB literal: INSERT INTO table_name (string_column) VALUES (x'3030313233'). – Peter Wolf Jan 14 at 10:07
  • Thanks @Branko and Peter Wolf - I ended up dropping and recreating the table with "text" type. – Žarko Gajić Jan 14 at 15:04

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