I am interested in labeling my boxplot with the letter A in the top left corner, but because I have a categorical X axis comparing seasons (summer vs winter), I am unable to give coordinates for my added text. How do you add text to a boxplot with a categorical axis?

This is what I've tried, which doesn't work:

`boxplot(LogTHg~Season, data = HgSIS, xlab= "Season", ylab= "LogTHg", text ("topleft", "A"))'
  • One approach is to add a legend there, such as: legend("topleft", "A", bty = "n") – Ben Jan 13 at 19:25

Three points:

  1. As Ben writes, you can add a legend with x="topleft". The inset parameter allows you to separate it from the top and left boundaries.

  2. If you call boxplot() with a formula object that has a factor-like right hand side, then R will put the first boxplot over the horizontal coordinate 1, the second over 2 and so forth. Which still doesn't tell you what the exact coordinates of the top left corner of the plotting region are, but you can at least do a couple of things. Like putting labels above each separate boxplot.

  3. Relatedly, you can use the xlim parameter for boxplot() to control the horizontal spacing. For instance, if you use xlim=c(0,3), then you know that you can put something at horizontal coordinate 0. And the same with ylim.

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