I want to use submit event instead of click I am trying to submit a simple form the click event works in my console but the submit instead, not firing. i submitted the html part

        //prevent default php processing
        //collect user inputs
       var datatopost= $(this).serializeArray();
     //send them to signup.php using AJAX
         url: "signup.php",
         type: "POST",
         data: datatopost,
         success: function(data){
         error: function(){
            $("#signupmessage").html("<div class='alert alert-danger'>There was an error enter code here the Ajax Call, Please try again later.</div>");
  • You haven't posted your HTML, but I'd guess that your code is looking for a click event on the form when it should be looking for a submit event. Or, you should be looking for the click event on the submit button. – Tangentially Perpendicular Jan 13 at 21:36
  • It's easier for people here to help if you provide your alternative on-submit version that is not working as well as your HTML. (only the necessary part) – elMeroMero Jan 13 at 21:36

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