How it's built --> I have a collectionViewCell that is being setup from a viewcontroller, inside the collectionViewCell I am setting up the avPlayer and passing in the url to play the video. I am able to scroll vertically through all videos but some of them continue to play the previous video audio in the background while the new video also plays. So far- I have tried using the prepareForReuse() to clear out the video/avplayerlayer And using the delegate methods from collectionview to play the avPlayer in the willDisplay cell and pause it in the didEndDisplaying cell.

Here is code for setting up avPlayer in the cell

 func setData(lifies: LifieEntry, currentUser : UserModel){
        self.model = lifies
        self.currentUser = currentUser
        guard let path = URL(string: lifies.lifieRef!) else {
            print("no video")
        //set side view
        commentsLabel.text = String(lifies.comments?.count ?? 0)
        favoritesLabel.text = String(lifies.likes?.count ?? 0)
        shareLabel.text = String(lifies.shares?.count ?? 0)
        pointsLabel.text = String(lifies.pointValue ?? 0)
        fullnameLabel.text = currentUser.name
        if let myImage = currentUser.image {
            userImage.sd_setImage(with: URL(string: myImage), placeholderImage: UIImage.init(named: "default_image"))
        } else {
            userImage.image = UIImage.init(named: "default_image")
        //set up player
        player = AVPlayer(url : path)
//        playerView = AVPlayerLayer()
        playerView.player = player
        playerView.frame = lifieVideoView.bounds
        playerView.videoGravity = .resizeAspectFill
        NotificationCenter.default.addObserver(forName: .AVPlayerItemDidPlayToEndTime, object: self.player?.currentItem, queue: .main) { [weak self] _ in
            self?.player?.seek(to: CMTime.zero)
    } ```

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