i need to change an image URL size like https://cbu01.alicdn.com/img/ibank/2020/463/204/20403402364_1834014696.jpg_50x50.jpg to https://cbu01.alicdn.com/img/ibank/2020/463/204/20403402364_1834014696.jpg_800x800.jpg

Actually i need to change all image from api 50*50 to 800*800, how can i replace URL keyword using javascript or regular expression?

50*50 to 800*800 is not working using regular expression.

  • Welcome to Stack Overflow. You should try to find a solution yourself and if you get stuck post your attempt (relevant code) so the people here can recreate your problem and give you advice on how to fix it. Here is a link with some information on how to improve your Question: stackoverflow.com/help/minimal-reproducible-example – Justin Taddei Jan 14 at 4:06

What you're looking for is String.prototype.replace

function updateSize(url, size) {
  return url.replace(/_\d+x\d+/, `_${size}x${size}`)

const url = 'https://cbu01.alicdn.com/img/ibank/2020/463/204/20403402364_1834014696.jpg_50x50.jpg'

console.log(updateSize(url, 800))


this should be easy

function imageUrl(url, size) {
  var startUrl = url.substr(0, url.indexOf("jpg_"));
  var fullUrl = startUrl + size + "x" + size + ".jpg";
  return fullUrl;


console.log(imageUrl("https://cbu01.alicdn.com/img/ibank/2020/463/204/20403402364_1834014696.jpg_50x50.jpg", 800))

  • This will only work for .jpg images, and if url ends with a query string, that information will be trimmed off by this function. – Justin Taddei Jan 14 at 4:15
  • I gave you an example about how you could do it, i cant think of all the possible scenario. If you are sure about 50x50 then use repleace instead. – Alen.Toma Jan 14 at 6:32
  • @Justin Taddei have a perfect solution. I recommend it. – Alen.Toma Jan 14 at 6:35

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